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Auberge Saint-Martin Adhérent OTBO
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> Auberge Saint-Martin

21420 Bouilland

This small restaurant with its exposed stonework serves up quality Burgundian cuisine. Every day, we…

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Le 1131 Adhérent OTBO
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> Le 1131

21360 La Bussière-sur-Ouche

This gourmet restaurant is located in a beautiful setting in the abbey cloisters. For dinner and…

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Le Bistrot des Moines Adhérent OTBO
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> Le Bistrot des Moines

21360 La Bussière-sur-Ouche

The bistrot is in the heart of the Abbaye, in what was the former monks' kitchen. Above it, you can…

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Le Lassey Adhérent OTBO
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> Le Lassey

21320 Sainte-Sabine

Home cooking delivered up to date, that showcases regional products.

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